10 Tips to Make The Best Muffins

10 Tips to Make The Best Muffins

Want to whip up moist, light-textured, perfectly shaped muffins? With a little know-how, you'll avoid them overflowing or turning out tough and rubbery. Follow these easy muffin baking tips.


1. Mix wet and dry separately

To prevent the mix from being overworked, first mix the wet ingredients together in one bowl and mix the dry ingredients in another. Make a well in the dry ingredients, carefully pour in the wet ingredients, then stir the mix a couple of times to roughly combine.

2. Take care not to over mix the batter; use a flexible spatula to gently fold ingredients together.

3. Add your flavours last

While spices should be added with all the other dry ingredients, fruit, nuts, and anything lumpy should be added last. Give the batter one more light-handed stir once you've added them in and then you're done.

4. Use the freshest spices as possible when they are required.

5. Grease the entire muffin tin, not just the holes. More often than not, the muffins expand over the sides, and if those sides have not been properly greased, you’re going to run into trouble when you try to remove the muffins.

6. Fill muffin tins three-quarters full; the tops are the best part, so don’t be shy with the batter.

7. Add a flavourful sprinkle

Once the muffin cups are all filled, you can choose to sprinkle the tops with more fruit, nuts or a crumble topping for even more flavour. As the muffins rise these flavourful toppings will cook into the tops of the muffin.

8. Take care not to over-bake the muffins.

9. Cool it down

Allow muffins to cool in the pan at least 10 minutes before removing them, especially if they contain soft fresh fruit.

10. Try Baking Gadgets

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