5 Amazing Fall Photography Tips

5 Amazing Fall Photography Tips

Professional photographers using high-end equipment have produced breathtaking views of fall, but if you do your homework and follow a few simple steps you can do the same even with a modest camera.

1. Look for Falling Light

As the days become shorter, the golden hour becomes a little more...gold. Pay attention to this fleeting light, looking for all of the ways it falls on the surrounding landscape. It might be grazing the peaks of a mountain, filtering through the trees, or plumetting between a valley. No matter how it falls, make sure you capture it.

2. Color is Key

Color is what needs to stand out in your fall photos, so you should consider using the vibrant mode setting on your camera if it’s available. If your camera is not equipped with this setting you can increase saturation to achieve the same effect.You can also tweak your photos after the fact with a photo editing program. Programs such as Adobe Photoshop Elements and Corel PaintShop Photo Pro allow you to adjust exposure, saturation, and contrast to improve the overall look of your photos.

3. Elevate Yourself

Landscapes dramatically change during this time of the year, and the best spot to pay witness to this transition is from a bird’s-eye-view. Get up high (by finding a rooftop, peak of a mountain, windy mountain road), and you’ll have the best vantage point of the canvas of color that’s below you. Once you’re above the trees, tap to focus on the landscape. Then, drag the sun icon down to decrease the exposure (as there will be a lot of light coming through your lens!).

4. Also Look for Small

While you are scouting for, or shooting at you locations don’t forget to look for small objects. A collection of leaves on the ground can sometimes be more artistic than an array of multicolor trees in the distance.

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