5 Items to Bring on Your Next Hunting Trip

5 Items to Bring on Your Next Hunting Trip

While nature can be breathtaking and relaxing, it can also infringe upon your recreation. To protect yourself from the elements and enhance your hunting experience, there are a few out-of-the-ordinary tools that belong in your gear pack.

1.Safety Vest or Harness

One of the most important things you will need for your hunt is a safety harness or vest that allows you to climb to your tree stand safely. If you don’t pack a safety vest, you put yourself at serious risk for falling as you climb up to your stand.

2. Headlamp

Flashlights are great, but they require the use of one of your two hands. Instead of a flashlight, bring a headlamp. This way, you can see on your trek to your stand and track the blood trail if necessary.

3. First Aid Kit

Finding yourself injured without the means of treating your injury could be life-threatening. To help you stay safe, you can either build your own kit or buy a pre-made one. Be sure to include bandages, burn cream, aspirin and lotions.

4. Flares

Another important tool to pack for your next hunting trip is flares. These can burn up to 15 minutes and are highly visible in all types of weather, which can help others find and help you. Especially if you like to hunt by yourself, make sure you have these as backup in case you get hurt or lost.

5. Premium Solar Power Bank

While you may not think you need any power while out hunting, you may be surprised at how fast your cell phone battery drains when you are waiting to spot an animal.

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