Why You Need to Try Drinking in the Shower

July 17, 2018

Why You Need to Try Drinking in the Shower


It was perfect for after long workday, when you come home sweaty and exhausted. You need a hot shower and a cold beer/wine, and you are an adult, so there is no reason why you can’t have both at once. You just need to indulge and relax. Shower beer hits all the spots.

I can see that. A hot, relaxing shower is a nice mental pick-me-up, and when you combine that with a beverage that helps take the edge off a hard day, it’s indulgent magic. I do not see any reason to take a shower if I can’t have a cocktail while I’m doing it. Still others do it because it’s efficient pre-gaming while you get ready to light up the town.

Then there’s the matter of how ?

A tall beer can might be a better option if you’re particularly clumsy or want to keep glass out of the shower for safety reasons. Or If you want something dedicated you can check Premium Cup  Holder Here.


Other tips: don’t overlook the importance of the beer’s temperature. Too long or too hot of a shower can turn the beer warm, and of course, don’t actually let shower water mix with your drink.

Don’t want anything alcoholic ? Shower coffee and shower protein smoothies are also possibilities. Bonus: Blast your favorite song and pretend the beverage is a mic.