Top 5 Aquarium Decorating Tips

Top 5 Aquarium Decorating Tips

The best part of owning a fish isn't just the fish itself, but decorating the tank !

With so many cool aquarium decoration ideas out there as to what would make the best tank, it might be hard to think of what will be best. That’s why we’ve provided you 5 of the best fish tank decorating tips.

1. Backgrounds, yes or no? 

Yes, in most cases because a solid colour can help to create a uniform contrast to highlight fish, plants, corals, decor etc., while providing a more finished look.

When using an aquatic scene-type background, try matching some of the elements in your tank with those present in the background, or seek to extend the actual background scene in your aquarium with the decor. This can provide a very impactful result with the background bringing a very three-dimensional element thanks to the illusion of depth.

2. Think out of the box

Do not shy away from scanning over images and videos on natural biotopes. 

In doing this, you will quickly realize that in nature there is often structure that enters the water from the surface down, as in the case of fallen trees and branches. I should know, I have navigated up many a Colombian river with plenty of fallen trees across it. The point being here is that you can bring natural elements into your decor planning to help you achieve a unique and very fish-friendly set-up. Many freshwater fish feel much more comfortable with some surface cover and it would even reduce the tendency of some species to jump, so certainly an advantage in the case of open top aquariums.

3. Aquarium size and dimensions. 

While the popular catchall “Go big or go home” can apply to an aquarium purchase, a desktop or small aquarium is an option if the right type and size of fish are going to be kept. Make sure you understand the needs and behaviour of the fish species that you prefer as your aquarium needs to be big enough to accommodate them. 

4. When planning the actual set-up

make sure you follow this sequence to help you avoid some common pitfalls.

First and most importantly, thoroughly rinse gravel, natural structural decoration and anything else you intend to put in the tank. Create your structural aquascape and then fill the tank approximately halfway, at that point you can plant your plants.

Before you start the initial fill with water, remember to place a plate at the very bottom to evenly distribute the incoming water or otherwise dampen the force of incoming water to avoid upsetting your creative efforts.

5. Aquarium ornaments

You can find a lot of cool aquarium ornaments on the internet. Recently I stumbled upon New Spongebob Aquarium Decoration Which can for sure make your aquarium stand out and be authentic.

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