Top 5 Tips for Fall Travel

Top 5 Tips for Fall Travel

Late summer and early fall is often overlooked, but it’s generally going to be cheaper than summer holiday travel.

Here are 5 great tips to enjoy your vacations more:

1. Wear your boots, coat, and hat on the plane.

These are often the heaviest items you will bring with you, so wearing them will remove a lot of weight from your bag.

2. Cruises can be a good deal

Cruises are generally a good value in the fall. How much you can save depends on the cruise line, the dates of the cruise and the destination. And you’ll likely save more with lines such as Carnival, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean that cater to families because children are back in school.

3. Keep your bag light

I usually avoid heavy jumpers and jackets, but even lightweight jumpers can take up a lot of room in your bag. While I normally think packing cubes take up too much space in your bag, a compression packing cube is perfect for a bulky jumper as it will magically shrink the sweater size.

4. Fall can be a great time to hit Europe

A lot of Europe is seasonal, so after Labor Day, prices go down – and they can go down as much as 40 percent.

To get the most for your travel dollar, plan with the local climate. For instance, after mid-October, it can be cold and rainy – especially in northern Europe. But if your aim is visiting restaurants, museums and arts venues, weather is not necessarily an issue.

5. Universal Travel Organiser

I have recently started using this travel organiser, which I found is quite easy to carry and it protects my electronic devices + my chargers and other cables are not one big mess like they used to be.

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