Premium Honey/Syrup Dispenser+ FREE Gift

  • INNOVATIVE NO-DRIP HONEY DISPENSER Stops Messes Instantly. Lid includes handy trigger release for clean, mess-free pouring. Hold dispenser over food item or drink, press the release, and a stream of honey instantly appears.
  • HOLDS 1 CUP (8 Ounces/200ml) OF HONEY or just about any other liquid. Includes Acrylic Stand, Acrylic Container, and Lid. Cute honey comb design makes your kitchen or table look warm, fun, and fashionable.
  • DISENGAGE RELEASE AND HONEY IMMEDIATELY STOPS. No more desperately trying to stop the honey flow. The moment you depress the release the honey stream stops. No drips or trails

We use acrylic instead of glass so the dispenser is Sturdy and Shatter Proof if it Falls. You will not break it easily it is worth the investment.



If You Order Premium Honey/Syrup Dispenser Today, We will give you Heat Bag Sealer worth $15 for FREE !


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Due to High Demand, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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